FoodSaver Bags FAQ

by admin on April 2, 2012

We know that food stored with FoodSaver® vaccum-sealing systems will last significantly longer and taste better than food stored by conventional means. Part of the reason for this is the superior quality of FoodSaver® bags. This post will discuss why these bags are so good at what they do and offer some tips for their use.

Why FoodSaver® bags work so well.

Vacuum-Sealing works by removing as much air as possible from foods being stored and the containers they are sealed in (read more about this here).  The more air removed and the better the container is at preventing air and moisture from re-entering, the longer foods will last.  Air and moisture can get back into a stored foods two ways.


  • Through a leaky seal
  • Through the actual material of the container.

FoodSaver® vacuum bags are designed to minimize both of these issues. Heres how: most storage bags are made of one layer of polyethylene plastic. FoodSaver® vacuum sealer bags are made of 5 bpa free layers making them much stronger and capable of handling freezing, simmering, and microwaving.  The outer layer is made of nylon which makes the bag for all practical purposes, air, moisture and oder tight.

Why use bags rather than rolls? 

In a word (ok two words) time and convenience, especially when sealing a number of items at once.  With bags you only have to make one seal rather than two which takes only half time.  Also its easier and faster to switch among different sized bags than rolls.

Can FoodSaver® Bags be used with other brand vacuum-sealers?

FoodSaver® doesn’t recommend it. These bags are optimized to work specifically with the temperature of the sealing bar of their sealers.  Vacuum sealers made by other companies may be to hot or to cold.  Please leave a comment below if you have had a positive experience using one of their bags with your non FoodSaver® sealing unit.

Can other brand bags be used with my FoodSaver®?

Probably but we think this would be a big mistake. As explained above FoodSaver® bags are simply much better designed for their purpose.  The whole reason you purchased a vacuum-sealer was to maximize the length of time you could store food and to maintain the quality of that food.  Purchasing bags save you a few pennies but leak or don’t seal as well because they were intended for a different sealing temperature seems crazy to us.  Also recall that these bags are BPA free and so are considerably healthier to use.

My bags keep splitting why?

Probably because you have a defective set which should be returned.  These vacuum sealer bags are really well made with normal use (obviously don’t treat them roughly or over stuff them) they should not split.  One use that can split them is simmering them after food has defrosted. Always use frozen food when simmering. This lessons the heat shock to the bags on contact with the hot water and allows them to adjust as food cooks.

Why FoodSaver® Vacuum Bags are environmentally friendly?

  • They can be cleaned and reused. – Hand wash them or turn them inside out and wash them in your dishwasher. You will lose about an inch with each sealing
  • They can be recycled.

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