Freezers for Vacuum Sealed Frozen Foods

by Editor on April 18, 2013


If you are going to use your vacuum sealer for cooking and freezing in bulk you may find that you need a standalone freezer. this article is a quick overview of what to take into consideration when buying a freezer.

There are two basic types of freezers.

Chest Freezers

  • Hold about 20% more food than the equivalent size standup freezer.
  • They are slightly more energy efficient than uprights. In either case always buy an Energy Star rated model.
  • They are not as convenient for accessing your food, especially those items at the bottom. For long term storage that is accessed less frequently or for a large number of packages of the same item they are ideal.
  • Less likely to cause freezer burn
  • Cost significantly less to buy and operate than uprights.

Upright Freezers

  • Most easy to organize and find food in.
  • Because of their vertical orientation they are often easier to fit into kitchens.

Manual or Automatic Defrost

Manual defrost freezers more energy efficient, quieter and less prone to causing freezer burn than automatics.

However if you don’t regularly defrost them and allow ice to build up on the walls a lot of those advantages are lost anyway. Given what a pain in the neck it is to manually defrost a freezer and how long it takes, I personally think you have to be out of your mind to buy one on less energy cost is a major factor in your home budgeting.

Blackout Performance

According to Consumer Reports, the amount of time freezers will keep food edible after a black out varies a lot across models, with some getting significantly warmer after only 9 hours. You will have to check out their article for the details. One trick I have read about to help with this, is to store a couple of plastic galleon jugs of water (if you have space), that will freeze into large ice cubes. If the power goes out, these will help keep the freezer colder longer. Remember water expands when if freezes, so make sure that the contains are only about 2/3 full when you go to freeze them.

How Big Of A Freezer Should You Buy?

This is a very difficult question to answer because it not only depends on how many people you are feeding, but just committed you end up getting to bulk cooking as a regular activity. One of the benefits of vacuum sealing your food in sealer bags is that it really increases how much food you can store in your freezer. A typical over the refrigerator freezer has about 4 cubic feet. A rule of thumb I have seen used by bulk cookers is 8 cubic feet of freezer for the first two people and an additional cubic foot for every family member after that.

I would suggest you review some of the freezers available on Amazon to get an idea of costs and sizes. Here is a list of the best selling freezers by average customer review.


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