Once A Month Cooking

by Editor on April 18, 2013


Once a month cooking (OAMC)  is a strategy to save both time and money by buying food in bulk, preparing it ahead in bulk once a month and then storing it (usually in a freezer). Obviously a FoodSaver can play a big role in doing this efficiently.  If your family ends up making a commitment to this you should invest in a heavier duty model. Also it should be noted up front that unless you are single, you really need a stand alone freezer to do this effectively.  But for families with two working parents on a budget (and what family doesn’t that describe these days) this is method that is worth trying.  It takes a little time to get into the swing of planning it out ahead, but it is simpler than you think.  I suggest just trying it one month and see it how goes. What do you have to lose really?

Just to wet your appetite here is a summary of strategies I came across.

  1. Cook 20 different recipes and freeze.
  2. Master Recipes – You cook a few master foods that can be mixed and matched to produce many different combinations.
  3. Bulk Cooking –  Make a large quantity of a particular recipe that you know you will eat mulitple times throughout the month, Pizza for example.
  4. Triple Batch Cooking – Pretty straightforward, when you make a recipe, triple it. Eat one portion, vacuum seal and freeze two.
  5. Buy What’s On Sale, Cook it and Freeze it.

These are from a very in depth article here.

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