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by admin on April 3, 2012

What kinds of bags do our fellow FoodSaver® foodies buy the most of?  The best place to look is probably  Amazon is the largest retailer on the web and usually has the best prices so their best sellers are probably a pretty good indication of whats popular in the general FoodSaver® community. If you have a favorite bag or bags. please post a comment down below and lets know what and why.

FoodSaver® Pint Bags

These are 6 x 9″ bags that are sold in boxes of 28.  On Amazon they are sold as model FoodSaver FSFSBF0116 6-Inch-by-9-Inch Pint Size Bags, 28 Bags

What are they best for:

Single servings of food – For me this bag is one of the main reasons the FoodSaver® System is so addicting and really maximizes the time and money you can save using one. You can buy food in bulk, where appropriate cook it in bulk, but then then store it in single portions that can easily be heated in the microwave or in simmering water.  You get home after a long day, go in your freezer, pick out whatever combination of FoodSaver pint bags you need and a great meal is served before you know it.  This is great not just but for large families but for singles and couples who love to cook but always have to deal with recipes that “serve 6”  for example.  With these bags you can cook your favorite recipes and have delicious leftovers ready to go for weeks or months.

Dieting portion control –  You can store exactly the size portion your diet allows for in these bags and then cook only that bag!  You could even write down the number of calories on the outside of the bags and mix and match bags to create a meal at any calorie total you need.   Of course if you don’t already have they you will need measuring cups and a good kitchen scale (the one I linked to has an amazing 2777 5 star reviews!) for this.

Small non food items –  I have been completely food-centric in my FoodSaver® use and one of my hopes for the website is that it ends up collecting all kinds on unconventional but useful ways to use store things that can take advantage of vacuum packing.  So unfortunately I dont have any good suggestions for this. If you do, please add a comment below and I will update this paragraph.


For the equivalent amount of food it is of course less expensive to store food in larger bags or rolls.  Personally I think if you can benefit from storing single portions the advantages I list above out way the additional cost.

Amazon Customer Reviews:

Out of 33 Amazon customer reviews there were 21 5 Star reviews, and 5 1 star reviews.  The one stars were all from people who couldn’t get their pint bags to seal properly.  There wasnt enough information provided to really figure out if there was some common factor involved.  I would love any comments on this if you have had a similar experience.  Remember also that Amazon has a very liberal return policy if you end up being unlucky with products you purchase from them.

FoodSaver® Quart Bags


These are 8 x 11″ bags that are sold in boxes of 20 or 44.  On Amazon they are sold as models: FoodSaver FSFSBF0226 1-Quart Food Storage Sealer Bags, 44 Count and FoodSaver 8-Inch-by-11-Inch Quart Size Pre-Cut Bags, 20 Bags  At the time of writing this, you in essence get 4 free bags by buying them 44 at a time instead of 20.

What are they best for:

In a nutshell about a quart (32 fluid ounces, 4 cups) of food.  This includes most cuts of meat, chicken pieces,  deli meats, cheeses, snacks, cereal to name a few. A typical bowl of soup or stew is 12 ounces so these bags will hold a little under 3.   I suspect that FoodSaver® quart bags are the most commonly used size.

Amazon Customer Reviews:

There are 21 customer reviews all of which are 5 stars.


FoodSaver® Gallon Bags


These 11 x 14″ bags are sold in boxes of 28 or 13.  On Amazon they are sold as models: FoodSaver FSFSBF0326 28-Gallon Size 11-by-14-Inch Bags and FoodSaver FSFSBF0316-000 13-count Gallon Bags  Buying the larger model in essence gets you 2 extra bags for free (at least at the time I wrote this.) These are the largest vacuum bags FoodSaver® makes.

What are they best for:

  • Large cuts of meat, roasts, chickens etc..
  • Sportsmen love them for game or fish.
  • Foods bought in bulk that can be easily removed in small quantities and the bag then resealed.
  • Spaghetti sauce or other liquid foods that you tend to cook in large quantity and then serve in large quantity.
  • Grains or rice bought in large qty that need to be stored in an insect proof manner.
  • As an alternative to canning big garden harvests.
  • Small items of clothing that you want moth proof storage for.

Amazon Customer Reviews:

At the time of this writing there are 14 customer reviews for the 28 piece version.  10 5 star and no review lower than 3 stars of which there was 1. That 3 star review concerned confusion as to whether or not this was a FoodSaver® product which it is.

FoodSaver® FreshSaver® Gallon Zipper Bags

FoodSaver® FreshSaver® Quart Zipper Bags



FoodSaver® zipper bags are intended to be used with their MealSaver™ and FreshSaver® vacuum sealers.  The come in two sizes; gallon and quart and on Amazon they are sold as model: FoodSaver FSFRBZ0316 Freshsaver 1-Gallon Zipper Bags, 12-Pack. and FoodSaver FSFRBZ0216 FreshSaver 1-Quart Zipper Bags, 18-Pack

What are they best for:

These bags to be used with foods that you are dipping into daily over the course of maybe a week or two.  Foods you use so frequently that it is really not practical to use a standard FoodSaver® every time you need access to the bag.  Instead of heat sealed these bags have a double zipper seal that just pulls open and smooths closed. Associated with frequent usage is the assumption that food stored this way will be used up fairly quickly and wont need the superior vacuum sealing needed for long term freezer storage lets say.  What you are using these for is to extend the life and flavor of foods for a few extra days in the refrigerator. Think of these as deluxe Ziplock bags or FoodSaver® lite.  Having said that foods even lightly vacuum stored like this will taste better of the course of time you are eating them.

Amazon Customer Reviews:

Out of 11 Amazon customer reviews there were 7 5 Star reviews, and 1 2 star review.  The two star review read like this:

“These bags mostly work when they’re brand new. But as soon as you try to reuse them – or even just reseal them a bunch of times – they develop tiny leaks and no longer keep air out of the bag. It’s very frustrating to think you’ve safely stored a pound of meat in an air-tight bag, only to find it completely freezer-burned a couple weeks later”

Note that I wouldn’t recommend freezing in these bags though some of the other reviews stated they use these bags that way without freezer burn.

Use the ‘More Info’ links below for the latest prices on Amazon.

TitleFoodSaver FSFSBF0226 1-Quart Food Storage Sealer Bags, 44 CountFoodSaver FSFSBF0116 6-Inch-by-9-Inch Pint Size Bags, 28 BagsFoodSaver FSFSBF0326 28-Gallon Size 11-by-14-Inch BagsFoodSaver FSFRBZ0316 Freshsaver 1-Gallon Zipper Bags, 12-Pack
PriceToo Low to Display$9.08Too Low to Display$4.99
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