A Sous Vide Recipe for Salmon Steaks

by Editor on June 17, 2013

photo by jeffrey veen photo by jeffrey veen



Sous Vide is an interesting style of cooking that cooks foods at low temperatures, slowly, in temperature controlled water baths. It is a perfect extension to vacuum sealing food. I plan to write more about this is near future, but for now here is a kind of “poor man’s”, very simple, salmon recipe cooked sous vide style. I say “poor man’s” because you don’t need a dedicated temperature controlled bath to try it, though you may have to experiment a little to get the cooking time just right. BTW this works equally well with Costco and similar frozen salmon steaks.

Why cook the salmon this way? I find this technique produces reliably delicious and tender fillets. And I find it much easier to make sure you don’t overcook the salmon.


As per the photo above, seal individual portions of salmon steak with or without seasoning as you like. The above includes dill, lemon and a little bit of olive oil and salt.

Frozen Salmon Fillets

  1. Bring a big pot of water to a boil.
  2. Remove it from heat.
  3. Drop your sealed salmon steaks in and just let them sit for 25 minutes. Note I live in a two person household and 25 minutes is perfect for 2 steaks. This may take longer if you are cooking for more people or you liked your salmon cooked longer.
  4. Cut open the bag and check to see if the steaks are done enough for you. If not move it to a new Ziploc bag and place back in the water bath. Check again once every 5 – 10 minutes.

Fresh Salmon Fillets

You don’t need to boil the water, but you do need a decent thermometer to track the temperatures.

This video covers the technique nicely.



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