Foodsaver 6-Roll Packaging Rolls

by admin on March 14, 2012

This package of Foodsaver® 6-Roll Packaging Rolls is compatible with the FoodSaver® and other vacuum packaging systems. The plastic material allows you to customize bags to store both perishable foods and items other than foods. The freshness and favor of flood remains five times as long as when other methods are used when the heavy duty material is used in conjunction with a sealing appliance. They are five ply creating a quality barrier from the oxygen and moisture in the freezer or refrigerator. In addition to keeping foods from freezer burn, the bags can be used both in the microwave and for boiling.

The fact that these rolls have three Amazon reviews giving it a total rating of five out of five stars made us want to take another look at it.

Summary of Amazon Customer Reviews

Negative Reviews:

To be realistic in this review, this product did not have a single review below five stars. None of the reviewers had any negative comment to say about the product. This speaks highly of the quality of the customizable bag making material. Not a single reviewer found any flavor or freshness issues with the five ply bags.

Positive Reviews:

All three reviewers gave these rolls five out of five stars, which tell us, the quality achieved was very high with this product. The reviewers were all completely satisfied with the quality of the seal that they received and the freshness of food that was maintained using this Foodsaver®. One reviewer purchased items in bulk and prepared portions of meals in advance with the product. The amount of work they had to do at meal time was actually reduced because of the ability to prepare in advance without worrying about the food spoiling before it was used. The fact that the bags can be used with more than one type of sealing system was a plus.


Are these rolls recommended to consumers? Definitely! The reviewers have given this product nothing but high reviews and complements. The rolls make it easy to achieve the correct bag size by adjusting the shape of the bag to suit the amount and size of the food you are attempting to seal. The heavy duty construction ensures that freshness is kept in while moisture and freezer burn are kept at bay. The cost of the customizable bags is a lot less than traditional storage bags when you consider that it is easier to get the air out of them preventing food from being wasted and you can even store meals that were made in advance. There is no need to purchase a specific sealing unit as these bags worth with virtually any unit. Buying This package of Foodsaver® 6-Roll Packaging Rolls is a good investment that saves time and money in the kitchen. As a result, it is recommended to use these customizable bags to anyone that is tired of wasting money by throwing out food as a result of an improper seal that allowed for moisture in and food to lose its flavor. With these rolls, that is all a thing of the past.


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TitleFoodSaver 6-Roll Packaging RollsFoodSaver Replacement Rolls Combo Pack (5-Rolls + 30-Bags)FoodSaver Bags Combo Pack: (3) 11" Rolls, (2) 8" Rolls, (20) Gallon BagsFoodSaver Combo 3 Pack -11"x16' rolls and 40 quart bags
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