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by admin on July 13, 2012

Stop! Dont let that photo keep you from reading more. 


Unless your idea of stylin it in the kitchen is green and khaki camouflage (not that there is any wrong with that!) you maybe wondering why we are reviewing a FoodSaver model originally intended for hunters and recommending it as one to seriously consider for your kitchen. Their are three main reasons why this model should be a top contender if you are considering buying a vacuum sealer.

1. The GameSaver Bronze is one of FoodSaver’s newest models.

As a result it takes full advantage of all the lessons FoodSaver’s engineers have learned after decades of making and selling vacuum sealers.

2. Heavy Duty Vacuum Sealing

FoodSaver promotes their GameSaver models as being designed to seal between 40 and 50 bags (waiting 30 seconds between seals!) before requiring a 30 – 60 minute cool down period.

That is 4 to 5 times more seals than all their other models that are rated for 10 to 12 seals before needing to cool down!

So if you plan to do a lot of bulk sealing, i.e. you have a big freezer and do SUV busting trips to Costco or you have a decent size garden have to deal with lots of produce needing to be harvested all at once; then this one feature alone maybe important enough to out way any other consideration.

3. Lifetime Limited Warranty

This is the only model in the entire FoodSaver line that comes with any kind of lifetime warranty! A pretty good indication of what FoodSaver thinks of the model.

So why wouldn’t you want to purchase this model?

  • The GameSaver is a manual style vacuum sealer. – You have to take a few extra manual steps to get a good seal. There is a bit of longer learning curve than with fully automatic models like the v3860 where you just stick the open end of the bag you are sealing into the slot and the machine takes over. Though honestly there is really not as big a difference as it might sound like. Certainly not enough to outweigh the heavier duty sealing capacity this model affords you. Interestingly after reading most of the FoodSaver customer reviews on the web, I can tell you that there is a significant percentage of vacuum sealer owners that prefer the manual machines. Either they find they have more problems with the automatic feed units or they just like the extra control they have.
  • It is simpler in its capabilities. – The newer upright, automatic FoodSavers (3800 series) have additional control features aimed more at cooking than vacuum sealing. For example the v3860, another model we recommend, has a marinator mode button that is intended to optimize the flavor enhancing aspects of using a vacuum sealer to quickly marinate meats. The v3860 also has a Pause/PulseVac button that lets you more finely vacuum seal soft items to prevent them from being crushed.The thing is you can still accomplish both of these functions with the GameSaver.

    The GameSaver Bronze does include an accessory port that allows you to purchase the accessory hose and the full line of FoodSaver accessories. So lets say you want to marinate some meat. You could use either a mason jar and the jar lid sealer accessory or FoodSaver’s marinating container. After hooking everything up and preparing your meat in the container you would press seal on your unit, let it sit for 10 minutes, open up the container, flip the meat and repeat the process. Less convenient for sure but it will still get the job done.For sealing something soft without crushing it, you can just re-press the vacuum/sealer button used to start the sealing process at anytime to stop it. So you accomplish the same task as the automatic unit manually and by eyeballing it.

So as you can see it really comes down to your particular needs; bulk sealing vs convenience and automated features. Even the aesthetics of the unit may not be a show stopper as it can be flipped up to store vertically on your counter. If you turn it sideways the image on the front is pretty much hidden from view.


Customer Reviews

There are no Amazon customer reviews for GameSaver Bronze. Because the benefits of this model (new model, heavy duty sealing capacity, lifetime warranty, accessory port and flip store) are not widely known, we think most people take one look at the hunting decoration and buy something else. Its a shame really as a common complaint about vacuum sealers in general is that they overheat sooner than people would like.
There are 14 customer reviews on the FoodSaver website: 10 5 star reviews, 3 4 star reviews, 1 1 star review. In the one negative review the writer felt that a FoodSaver model that is no longer made that he owned years earlier was better. The 14 other reviews praised the unit for the reasons we noted. A few additional helpful comments were; “easy to use and clean up”, “takes up less space than a loaf of bread” and “I would prefer a unit with a lifetime warranty that has several finish choices, but the leaf pattern on the outside is non-offensive.”


We think this model is a real sleeper and though not one of the least expensive or flashiest vacuum sealers on the market, does the main job that is the reason many people buy a vacuum sealer to begin with; vacuum seal food in bulk. The lifetime warranty, flip storage and accessory port add very useful additional functionality and value to the Bronze. If you can get past the styling you may find this unit all the vacuum sealer you need. You may want to take a look at the gamesaver bronze manual if you need further convincing.

TitleFoodSaver GameSaver Bronze Vacuum Packaging System
FeatureMossy Oak pattern
Two speed settings
Easy lock latch
Removable drip tray
Flips vertically for easy storage
Rating0 out of 5 stars
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Graham Guzman June 4, 2013 at 2:47 pm

I have never used a vacuum sealer before, I was overwhelmed by the negative reviews of the V3xxx upright models, and was ready to buy the 2840 model instead. Then I saw V3880 was on sell at Costco with the price tag I can’t refuse, so I gave it a try.Lots of reviews complained how difficult it is to trigger the automatic vacuum/seal process on the 3xxx series, I am happy to report this 3880 model worked for me with 100% success rate. I don’t need to slide the bag from left to right, just simply insert the open end into the channel until it is triggered(about 1.25 to 1.5 inches). To make a bag from a roll, I wasted about 2.5 to 3 inches by sealing both open ends, instead of 4 inches or more reported by other reviews.I packaged and sealed some moist food like steaks with 100% success rate as well. Read from some reviews that the blood/liquid can cause leakage in the sealing, so I tried to press the Seal/Stop button when the blood comes up(yes it happens even after I selected the moist food mode), but I was always too late, and it still seals perfectly anyway, so now I just let it runs by itself automatically(in moist food mode).I guess that FoodSaver probably heard the negative reviews and fixed these issues with the V3880 model. Actually I think they over-engineer it a little bit, the PulseVec button is redundant, you can stop the vacuum and start the seal by press the Seal/Stop button.I am glad we got this model so far, this equipment has been a very useful tool for us, we use it to vacuum the mason jars to store coffee, herbs, vegetables, fruits etc.. The bags are used for Sous Vide cooking, as well as fish and steak vacuum packaging. It is very easy to use, the buttons are easy to understand and user friendly, instructions are posted inside and out, this is a well designed piece of equipment.

admin June 5, 2013 at 12:01 pm


Im glad the v3880 is working out for you. You have to take the bad reviews in context of the sheer number of these units sold. Most people don’t have any problems. The main reason to buy through a company like Amazon is that you can return the unit within 30 days if you end up with a lemon. Thats why it is important to really use your unit right away and extensively in the first few weeks of purchase. On another note, as you may or may not have read on the site I think using FoodSavers with mason jars is on of the best things about them. Here is the review. I also want to start putting up sous vide recipes as they are such a natural for vacuum sealing.


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