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by admin on July 10, 2012

Hunters and fishers spend a lot of time and money not just hunting and fishing but on their gear. In the end though it’s about bringing home fish and game, eating it fresh and not wasting whats left. The FoodSaver Gamesaver Vacuum Sealer is intended to be used in the field to seal in freshness and maximize the storage life of your food. Combining freezer storage with vacuum storage will have you eating great tasting meat and fish considerably longer than freezer storage alone.

FoodSaver makes a three different models of the Gamesaver but im going to be focusing on the Gamesaver Silver here because I think its the best option for hunters. Also Foodsaver has an older model geared towards hunters called the Sportsman but it isnt intended to be used in the field.

Update: I realized I should say a little more about one of our recommended models, the GameSaver Bronze. Though this model isn’t intended to be used in the field, it is, along with the Silver, considered by FoodSaver to be one of their “heavy duty” models. That is you should be able to do between 40 and 60 seals before having to let the unit cool down for 30 – 60 minute. The company figure for all their other models is 10 -12. So as you can see a big diffidence. Unlike the Silver it comes with a lifetime warranty.  The only FoodSaver that does.  Also it gets consistently better customer reviews than the Silver. Its an interesting alternative because I dont see why an adapter couldn’t be purchased that would allow you to use the Bronze in the field.  If so you would have a unit that worked great in the kitchen and probably will work great in the field.  For these reasons you may want to read our  review of GameSaver Bronze here.

Features Summary

  • This is a rugged machine designed to be used in the field. Useful for locking in flavor and helping keep your food clean and safe until you get it home.
  • Comes with a built in 15 foot power cord that plugs right into your trucks power adapter.
  • Very easy to use.
  • You can even use it to pack up your gear.
  • Bag Roll is NOT stored inside the unit.
  • FoodSaver claims 40 -60 seals before having to let the unit cool down.

Amazon & FoodSaver Website Reviews

Negative Reviews

There are only two reviews for this product on Amazon but more on the FoodSaver site itself. On Amazon the reviewer got a defective unit and wasn’t happy about it. On the FoodSaver site the complaints about the unit centered on it it overheating to quickly. I have found that overheating can be prevented with FoodSaver’s by always waiting 30 seconds between seals. It has to be said though, if you shoot a Moose and try to vacuum seal every last bit of it, any FoodSaver is going to overheat before you are finished. In that case you may want to consider a commercial vacuum sealer ( at a commercial price I might add). Also you can also obviously allow the device to cool down, but some people do not have the patience for that. Given the circumstances of a particular hunt that can be understandable.

Positive Reviews

People who liked the unit were not using it for heavy duty applications and in most circumstances like this it worked fine.


There are just to many complaints of overheating to recommend this unit. I think if you hunt small game of freshwater fish it might be useful but you may want to explore other options before purchasing it. Conceptually though vacuum sealing in the field is a great idea and worth doing.

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