FoodSaver MealSaver Compact

by admin on July 10, 2012

Update: This is a discontinued FoodSaver product.  A few are still available on Amazon.

Click here to read our review of the FreshSaver, its replacement.

You don’t need to throw away any leftovers when you have the FoodSaver MealSaver Compact Vacuum-Sealing-System in your kitchen. This is perfect for storing almost anything in zipper bags or meal containers, and you can actually remove all of the air out of the bag after one press of a button on the machine.

The airtight seal created by this system will help keep your food fresh for longer than you even though possible. The reviews on this machine have been very positive, so it should definitely be viewed as a viable option for anyone who wants to start storing more fresh food in their freezer.

Negative Reviews

If there was one thing that people really don’t like about this product from FoodSaver, it’s the fact that it can get quite loud. When you combine this product’s loud volume with an inability by the customer to figure out how it works, you can imagine that it would be pretty easy for some people to get upset.

You will have to be able to tolerate this product’s loud noise if you are going to be able to enjoy all of the positive benefits that go along with the machine. Vacuum sealing anything is going to be a loud process, so you have to expect these kinds of machines to make plenty of noise during the sealing.

If you cannot tolerate a loud vacuum sealer, then this will not be the right choice for you. Then again, you must remember that the most durable and trustworthy vacuum sealing products on the market are all going to be rather loud.

Positive Reviews

It’s easy to find some positive reviews on this product, and it seems like everyone who has used it has something nice to say about it. The most common thing that you will hear from someone who has used this product is that it is extremely easy to use. When it is easy to understand how the product works right away, it makes things less frustrating in the long run.

The hose retraction feature on this FoodSaver product has also received plenty of positive reviews. It’s nice to know that an extra feature like this is actually worth the extra cost added onto the product. Some people think that this product lacks a few extra features, but the majority of the people who have reviewed this product feel like it delivers with the added hose retraction perk.


I would consider this another entry level FoodSaver that is useful for refrigerator sealing only.  That is foods you will eat in the short term i.e.  leftovers, deli meats, cheeses etc… They will last longer and taste better.  Sealing and unsealing is made pretty painless because of the zipper bags.  But you get the same convenience from the less expensive Freshsaver which has replaced the MealSaver in their current product line. Read our review here.  What you dont get with the FreshSaver the fact that the MealSaver comes with a reusable food storage container and works with most of the other FoodSaver accessories.  It does not work with FoodSaver canisters and there are mixed reports as to whether or not it works with the mason jar lid sealer attachments

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