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by admin on March 14, 2012

The FoodSaver® v2240 Review


Update: This model has been discontinued.  The closest model we are recommending is the v2840.  You can read that review here.


Food remains both delicious and fresh up to five times as long as when conventional storage methods are utilized with the FoodSaver® V2240BS High Gloss Stainless Steel and Glossy Black Food Vacuum Sealer System Preserver. The unit seals in freshness and keeps air out the packaging. The vacuum sealing unit will save you money by avoiding the need to throw out food that has been forgotten and becomes freezer burn. The v2240 offers two settings for speed, a canister mode for canisters and their accessories to be vacuum sealed, in addition, to allowing for both dry and moist foods to be sealed by the two sealing levels.

Other features include: an easy-lock latch, flat touch pad control panel and hands free operation. The dip tray is anti-bacterial. The unit has an accessory port and offers sealing for a variety bag sizes. The fact that the FoodSaver® V2240BS High Gloss Stainless Steel and Glossy Black Food Vacuum Sealer System Preserver
had a total of ninety-three Amazon reviews that gave it an overall average rating of four out of five stars made us think it was worth taking a closer look at.

Summary of Amazon Customer Reviews

Negative Reviews:

The most helpful critical review gave the unit two out of five stars. The reviewer purchased it after having given a different model away and found they were not satisfied with the new unit. It would stop working and required ten to fifteen minutes of cool off time after trying five times to seal a bag. When the reviewer contacted customer they were told that it would do that after attempting to seal bags eight to ten times.

The reviewer, also, felt that the pre-made bags were a waste of money and the roll to make the bags at home was a better option. The double seal was not recommended since they had experienced problems with gaps letting air in requiring the bags to be resealed. Another reviewer found that approximately an inch of the bag was wasting as a result of having to cut it after the seal was made.

Positive Reviews:

The most helpful positive review gave the unit a rating of five out of five stars. The reviewer was satisfied with the job it did sealing and the food flavor being kept by the vacuum packing achieved. The fact that the unit has the capability to seal virtually any type of plastic bag including the bags for potato chips, cereal bags and even bread was a plus for the reviewer. The reviewer was so pleased with the unit that they put it to daily use.

Overall reviewers were satisfied with the quality of seal and ease of use of the unit. The fact that it sealed multiple types of bags commonly found around the house was a plus.


The FoodSaver® V2240BS High Gloss Stainless Steel and Glossy Black Food Vacuum Sealer System Preserver Advanced Design Vacuum Food Sealer system can be highly recommended to the consumers.

The unit did not have any major problems, and overall users were satisfied even recommending it to others based on the satisfaction they experienced. The fact that food held its flavor while resisting freezer burn means that the unit actually saves you money.

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