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by admin on March 15, 2012

The FoodSaver® v2840 Review

The FoodSaver® v2840 takes the features that were favorites on previous manual models, and it improves them with a design that is smarter, sleeker and simpler. The flip up design allows the unit to utilize less counter space when not being used. The lid is made from stainless steel to compliment every kitchen. Two speeds for the vacuum seal and a wider sealing grip are among the new features of the design. The unit allows hands free operation both sealing and shutting off when finished by itself with one touch.
The dip tray is not only antibacterial but removes easily for cleaning in the dishwasher. A cutter and roll holder are built in to make it easier to customize bag sizes. Seal level can be adjusted for dry or moist foods, accessories and canisters are sealed utilizing the canister mode. Instructions, quick start guide, accessory hose and bag material are included in the starter kit. The fact that the unit had a total of one hundred and sixty-five amazon reviews giving it an average overall rating of four out of five stars made us think that it was worth taking another look at.


Currently (July 2012) there is a red version of the v2840 on sale at Amazon for under $99 that is a particularly good deal. So good that we are adding it to our short list of recommended FoodSavers. For under $100 you get a full sized vacuum sealer that can perform most of the functions available on any model. No it is not an automatic unit and no it doesnt have the specialized function buttons of the higher end units but you can still use all the accessories, marinate and do crush proof seals. Definitely the bargain choice from the line up of current models.

Features and Benefits

  • Flip-Up Design for vertical storage takes up less counter space.
  • 2 Vacuum Speeds, Normal and Gentle for more delicate items
  • Moist or Dry Setting allows you to optimize the seal for either.
  • Extra Wide Sealing Strip for the Strongest Seal
  • Built-in Roll Storage and Cutter
  • Easy-clean Antibacterial Drip Tray
  • Accessory Port
  • Ships with Accessory Hose

Who Shouldnt Buy the FoodSaver v2840?

If your primary intended use for your vacuum sealer is bulk sealing a lot of items at once for freezing, you may want to consider a unit designed for that purpose. The v2840 like most other models is rated for 10 – 12 seals before needing a 30 minute cool down period. We recommend the GameSaver Bronze for this bulk sealing.

This is a manual operation unit. This means that you when you want to seal food in a bag you have to flip open the unit’s lid, stick the open edge of the bag into the drip tray, smooth down the plastic on the sealing strip, close the lid and press the seal button. After you do it a few times this is really not difficult. However FoodSaver makes a line (3000 series) of fully automatic models that reduce all that to one step. You take the open end of the bag you want to seal, slide it into the unit, which will then grab it, hold it and start sealing. We recommend the v3860 or v3880 from this series in you are interested in reading more. Interestingly there are a significant percentage of FoodSaver users that prefer the manual units over the automatics. For one thing the models that came out prior to the high end v3860 and v3880 could be a little flaky. Also I think some people just like the extra control manual units like this give them.

Who Should Buy the FoodSaver v2840

We think this is the model is currently the best combination of low price, features and reliability. Though some functions may take a little longer or may not be quite as easy to accomplish, you can do almost anything with this unit. Yes you can spend less on a vacuum sealer but you will really start to get what you pay for.

Amazon Customer Reviews

Negative Reviews:

To begin with, the most helpful negative review of the FoodSaver® v2840 which gave the unit one out of five stars found that the seals begin to malfunction on the unit after less than a month of use. The unit was returned, and a shipping charge incurred to exchange it but over a month later there was no replacement unit received. Customer service was found to be lacking as the only estimate to the replacement unit was from four to six weeks and was in need of the replacement in order for the consumer to seal frozen items. The reviewer did admit that if they had not had the experience of returning it, they would have given the unit five out of five stars when rating it.

Positive Reviews:

The most helpful positive review for the FoodSaver® v2840 gave the food sealing system a rating of five out of five stars. The reviewer found that the product did more than the manufacture stated it would do, which was much to their satisfaction. Utilizing the unit was easy and simple with the vacuum pump being rather quiet. The only problem the user found was the gasket; after being in use for a while; the lid compressed them causing the unit not to seal but was able to correct the problem by washing them in soapy, warm water. The fact replacement gaskets were readily available from the manufacture was a plus to this reviewer.


While available for under $100 we recommend this model.

The FoodSaver® v2840 has been commented on extensively by customers and those reviews show the effectiveness and quality of the model. If you don’t mind the manual operation this model is hard to beat for it’s combination of price and features.

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