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by admin on March 14, 2012

FoodSaver® Smart Seal Vacuum Sealer V3825


This model has been discontinued.  At the time of this writing (7/26/12) there are a few available on Amazon.  We suggest that you read our review of the model v3860, which is the closest currently available model that we recommended.

The FoodSaver® Smart Seal Vacuum Sealer V3825 has combined the superior features of an already excellent product with the convenience of using only one hand for sealing.  This FoodSaver® unit has a one piece vacuum hose that is built into the unit, which makes a tighter seal and makes it easier to use.  The unit works automatically to seal the food and has a built-in bag holder and clamp.  This Sealer is not as quick as the previous models because it seals from the beginning of the feeding of the bag, not after the bag has started threading.  The unit comes with a 2-quart oval marinating canister, a quick start guide, a reference manual, a video site for instructions, 12 pre-made quart bags and one 11×18 inch heat seal roll of sealing plastic.

Summary of Amazon Customer Reviews

The Negative Reviews

This FoodSaver® Smart Seal Vacuum Sealer V3825 is not user friendly.  The new design that begins sealing and sucking air as soon as the appliance is turned on makes it more difficult to feed the bag through the slot in the side of the sealer.  Several customers commented, if it had not been for the internet video, they would still be at a loss as to how to properly use the appliance. The user manual and reference guide are poorly written and do not explain thoroughly how to thread the sealer. Customers complained also that they could not re-use bags with the newer model as the bags would have a curled edge after washing that would not feed into the new smaller feed slot.

The Positive Reviews

Customers like the new feature of Pulse/Vacuum which allows the user to control the amount of vacuum that is sealing the food they are preserving.  This issue is important for wet foods or shredded cheeses; too much vacuum and the cheese becomes solidified and the wet foods become a soggy mess.  Customers like the money-saving features of storing leftovers in the freezer no matter the size of the item.  Pre-made bags limit the storage space, but the rolls of plastic material mean that custom envelopes can be made for odd sized items, like large cuts of meats. Consumers also like the automatic retracting vacuum hose found on the FoodSaver® Smart Seal Vacuum Sealer V3825 as it is less likely to be lost or misplaced now. Customers have remarked repeatedly of how they are decreasing grocery costs by buying or growing in bulk and saving the foods with this vacuum sealer.

The Conclusion

The FoodSaver® Smart Seal Vacuum Sealer V3825 is a good buy with a positive recommendation.  Even customers that were unhappy with the changes to the product were happy with the FoodSaver®; they just weren’t ready to adjust to the new ways.  This FoodSaver® is a necessary addition to the household that wants to keep their grocery prices down and their food staples well stocked. Although the appliance is a little pricey, it is a good value as it eliminates food waste and saves energy. This product is recommended at 4 stars.

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