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by admin on July 15, 2012

The v3860 is one of FoodSaver’s newest vacuum sealers and incorporates every feature and improvement their design engineers have been working on based on the companies experience with over 30 years as a sealer manufacturer.  Also worth noting it is basicly the same machine as the v3880 with a slightly different finish and control layout. The v3880 has a flat brushed steel finish, the v3860 has a shiny chrome like finish. Usually it is available for $25 or so less.   Lets take a look at it’s major features

v3860 Major Features and Benefits

  • Incorporates latest features and has worked out most, if not all the bugs associated with automatic sealing that some people have with the lower end 3000 series upright models. With automatic sealing you place the open end of the bag to be sealed into the slot and the unit grabs the bag and automatically seals it.  It can also automaticly detect whether food is moist or dry and optimize the sealing process accordingly.
  • Upright design to save counter space
  • Automatically detects liquids and optimizes the level of the seal accordingly.
  • Marinate Mode –  And you thought a vacuum sealer was just about food storage.  Marinated meats and fish are delicious but typically need to be marinated overnight. This feature takes advantage of a vacuum to get the job down in 10 minutes just as efectively.   Used with the FoodSaver marinating canister or the jar sealer and a mason jar.
  • Retractable Accessory Hose – The accessory hose lets you use all of the FoodSaver containers and accessories.  Having it built in and retractable is a very convenient feature.
  • Two Vacuum Speeds – Normal and gentle for delicate items.
  • PulseVac/Pause Button –  Gives you more manual fine tuned control over the sealing process. Especially useful for delicate items.
  • Accessory Mode Button – Opitmizes sealing when using canisters or other accessories.
  • Built-in Roll Storage and Cutter
  • LED Progress Lights 
  • Built-In Bag Opener

Who Should Purchase the v3860?

The FoodSaver v3860 and its more expensive near twin the v3880 are the most convenient to use FoodSaver vacuum sealers and take advantage of the companies latest improvements and features.  If you were considering spending over $100 on a vacuum sealer, the extra $75 or so that brings you to v3860 is worth it just for the increase in reliability reported by purchasers.  This model looks great and gives you access to the full range of features and accessories that makes a vacuum sealer a great addition to any kitchen.

Who Shouldn’t Purchase the v3860?

The are three main reasons this model might not be for you.

Price – You want to try vacuum sealing but $175.00 or so is more than you are willing or able to commit to at this point.

Bulk Sealing – You use you vacuum sealer to seal a lot food packages for the freezer all at one time.  The v3860 and v3880 (most home vacuum sealers actually) are rated by FoodSaver for 10 -12 seals before the unit has to cool down for 20 -30 minutes.  If you need to be able to seal more items than this in one continuous session you might want to read our review of the GameSaver Bronze, rated at 40 -50 seals.

Automatic sealing – The automatic sealing and sensing features that make the v3860 so convenient to use were a bit problematic in earlier models.  A significant number of people found them a little flaky and some just simply prefer the more manual operation of the 2000 series and earlier models.  Based on customer purchase reviews, FoodSaver seems to have solved the problems with these more recent models.

Amazon Customer Reviews (at time of writing)

Its very unusual to see all 5 star reviews like this.  All the reviewers were very enthusiastic and happy with their purchase. Read the reviews here.


This well made unit is state of the art for FoodSaver vacuum sealers. It costs a little more but that pays for a complete feature set and better reliability.  Most people will be very happy with the FoodSaver v3860 and find themselves saying to their friends “How did I live without it?”.  However if bulk sealing is the primary reason you are buying a vacuum sealer you may want to check out the GameSaver Bronze.


Roxanne Rooen February 4, 2013 at 4:40 pm

I would like to see a video instruction for my new food saver 3800. Can you send me a link. Thank you, Roxanne Rooen.

admin February 4, 2013 at 4:56 pm

Hi Roxanne

I suggest you go to youtube and just search on foodsaver or foodsaver and your model number. You will find a ton of videos on using FoodSavers for all kinds of uses. You can also go on the FoodSaver website for more tips and suggestions.


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