Foodsaver V3880: Is It The Best Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer?

by admin on July 9, 2012


The Foodsaver v3880 Vacuum Sealing System is one of the most positively reviewed food sealers on the Internet.  This is the high end vacuum sealer from FoodSaver, and you can expect to get your money’s worth when you buy this product. It is one of their latest models and clearly incorporates everything FoodSaver has learned over their many years supplying food sealers.

Update:  At time of writing (8/2013) Amazon is selling the 3880 for under $200, less than the v3860.

 v3880 Major Features

  • FoodSaver’s Top of Line model.
  • Fixes sealing issues some people had with earlier vertical models.  Place the open end of the sealer bag in the slot and it seals automatically without fuss.
  • Built in Retractable Accessory Hose.
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Gentle mode and PulseVac button to prevent crushing soft or delicate foods.
  • Extra long sealing strip to accommodate almost anything you would want to seal.
  • Rapid Marinate Mode (you need a marinating container accessory to use this this feature.)
  • Takes up surprisingly little counter space given its power.

Who Should Not Purchase This Model?

  • You have strong doubts as to whether vacuum sealing is for you but you would like to try it.
  • You are not prepared to make a greater than $150 investment in a sealer appliance.
  • You don’t expect to do more than occasional sealing.
  • You need to do a lot of bulk sealing. This model, like most FoodSaver models, is rated at 10 – 12 seals before needing to cool down.  If you think you will be frequently sealing more items at a time than this check out this model.
  • You are mostly interested in short term sealing.  That is food that you would normally eat with in a week and store in the refrigerator.

Who Should Purchase This Model?

  • You are an old hand at this and vacuum seal regularly but need a new unit.
  • You want to own a high end model but don’t want to spend over $200.
  • You plan to do a lot of long term freezer and dry storage sealing.
  • You plan to use FoodSaver storage containers and accessories.
  • You prefer automatic sealing over manual.

Amazon Customer Reviews

Negative Reviews

There was really only one negative review and it is obvious that the person has a defective unit that they should have return.  Without any complaints related to functionality, there is really nothing to report in terms of negative reviews. It’s extremely difficult to find anyone who did not have a good experience with this product, even when you factor in the individuals who may have had some kind of defective food sealer. The only negative of this product is really the price, but you definitely get what you pay for when you pay a little extra for better quality in this case. You will actually save enough money from saving your leftovers to pay for this product in a pretty short period of time.

Positive Reviews

The one thing that stands out with this product more than anything else is that it is extremely easy to use. As long as you use the proper bags, you will probably find this to be the easiest vacuum sealer to use out of all of the sealers on the market. The button that allows you to choose between moist and dry foods is a popular feature of this item, and it was a rather smart decision by FoodSaver to include that button on this device. Plenty of different people have reported that their foods are just as fresh as when they first put them in the freezer when they use the FoodSaver Fully Automatic Sealing System before they freeze them. This is basically the perfect machine for freezing meat because it will be able to keep the meat fresh for such an extended period of time.


The FoodSaver v3880 is a high end vacuum sealer that  incorporates all the lessons FoodSaver as learned over 30 years of making home food vacuum sealers.  It is very easy to use right out of the box.  The fact that it includes a retractable accessory hose built right in is reason enough to buy this model. If you are willing to spend over $100 on a home sealer and plan to use it often for both short term refrigerator and long term freezer and dry storage, its hard to not to recommend this model.  It will almost certainly durable and powerful enough to get the job done for years to come. There are plenty of different home vacuum sealers on the market right now, but this one in many ways is the one to beat. As long as you follow the tips provided on this website and in the very brief manual, you will find it a joy to use. If you are going to buy a vacuum sealer anytime soon, then you should definitely make sure that you keep this product on your short list of final choices.

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